We are an interior design studio which deals with the designing of temporary or permanent spaces, following the philosophy of reclaiming and recycling, and we have a showroom, open to the public, where our products can be purchased or rented.
We mainly work with specialised and expert artisans both when creating design items and during the conservative restoration of furnishings.
Our services range from the study of the product to the design of the environments: shops, stands, glass windows, photographic sets. We stand out for our characteristic and unique style, where each item tells its story and it is taken care of down to the last detail.

Alberto Colbertaldo

Founder and artistic director of La Centrale. Graduated in 2011 at the University of Architecture of Florence and since young very keen on interior architecture. He set up his business activity following the recycling (reclaiming) philosophy for the organization and the realization of environments.

Nicola Feltrin

Graduated at I.UA.V. of Venice in 2016, he attended a design course at Fabrica. After that he collaborated first with a design studio and later with La Centrale. His constant search for new combinations of materials guarantees a forever innovative vision for the creation of spaces.

Stefano Pravato

He graduated from art school and later from IED of Milan.
Illustrator, interior designer and decorator, he worked at Filanda Motta of Campocroce. Besides his professional activity, he has always dedicated himself, independently, to an artistic research in the field of pictorial disciplines.

Mauro Guidolin

Guidolin Restauro Mobili was set up in Treviso in 1958 with the restoration of great value antique furniture. His passion for the restoration art of furniture and works of art has always marked his business activity allowing him to gain decades-long experience in restoring, preservation of furniture and carpentry works.

Alessandro Guagno

Alessandro works with metals and paints on large canvas drawing particular attention to the Italian arts and style. He graduated in painting with honors at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, confirming this way the ambitions he had dreamt of since a child when he attended his family blacksmith workshop. He now makes metal components commissioned by companies and private individuals, he also participates to the production of art displays and national stands at renowned institutional venues, as well as international ones.

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